The home of On Head, the alternative gravity shooter game

Actually, it is pretty pre-alpha at the time of writing, but this is changing quite quickly.

If we had main goals, they would look something like that:

But we still haven't really got one, so we're just having fun and/or deciphering silly linker errors.

Oh, and we are from Hungary.

And Now... some instructions

For those who would like to install one of the source.gz releases found here.

You would want to untgz the file, like this:
$ tar xzf onhead-release.tar.gz
You would check if you'we got the needed GLUT and SDL dev files (e.g. apt-get install freeglut3-dev libsdl1.2-dev)
$ cd onhead-release
$ ./configure
$ make
After a succesful make (no error messages):
$ cd src
$ ./onhead
And feedback, please (for example here).

Cheers! - teamonhead, the